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Your suite of ministry tools on one powerful platform.

The only platform that can network your entire diocese together.

Parishioner Data

Built to empower hierarchal organizational structures.

Architected with subsidiarity in mind, Tilma Connect is built to network your entire organization together so data, content, and communication can flow through the system in the right order.

Distribute content to your subsidiaries and beyond

Share ideas, resources, and more with your missionaries, chapters, or anyone on Tilma Platform (with permission). Centralize important messaging and with permission from your subsidiaries, easily distribute it through their sites

Deeper insight for more data-driven ministry decisions.

Unified place with all the touch points of a person’s faith journey so you can get a holistic view of how people are engaging and make missional decisions based on real data.
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Explore the suite of products for ministries.

Find the tools that fit your needs and get started towards more missional impact.
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Being on one platform keeps us organized and on top of things so that no one falls through the cracks. Almost every digital interaction a student has with us happens through Tilma which gives us a holistic view of the person and how they're being engaged.

James Periera
Holy Cross Chaplaincy

Getting started is easy.

We do all the heavy lifting in the beginning to make sure your team is trained and ready to go for launch.
Hassle-free launch
Training and onboarding provided by Tilma
Start where you need and scale as you go
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Everything you need to make it a meaningful experience for your team and parishioners.

Start off right.

Mobile Friendly & Beautiful

Make sure your site experience never suffers.

Form Builder

Get pre-built forms or make your own. Add them into pages, emails, or wherever you need.

Unlimited Pages, Forms, & Submissions

You have the freedom to do the kind of ministry your parishioners need.

Online Giving & Campaigns

Create a special giving campaign in a couple clicks and push it out to your parishioners.  

Made simple for your team.

Easy Setup

Get training from our team from initial set up and data migration to ongoing support.

Flexible & Scalable

Easy to manage no matter how your parish grows.

User Permissions

Limited permissions for volunteers, ministry leaders, and more means they can edit and view just the information they need access to.

Branded to Your Parish

Customize your site to represent the look and feel of your parish family.

Build As You Go

Turn on your other Tilma tools as you go and only when you're ready for them at no extra cost.

Pre-Built Pages

Use Sacramental pages and Ministry pages we've already created, and then edit as you need.

Made simple for parishioners.

Mass and Confession Times

Make it simple for the faithful to stay updated on your Mass schedule. Manage exceptions like feast days, and alert your community.

Easily Embed Live Stream

Make Mass accessible to all your parishioners when they can't meet in person.

Give Parishioners Access To What They Need

Parishioners have an easy portal to other important features like giving, parishioner profiles, event registration, and more.

Full Content Library

Tilma's library is always new and relevant, giving you the option to pull in whatever you want from neighbouring parishes, your diocese, or Tilma's original resources.

Events & Registration

Simplify events by hosting event pages and registration forms right on your site.

Get the support you need.

SEO Friendly

Optimize your website to be searchable and relevant on the web.

Hosting Included

Don't stress about your hosting costs or renewals—we have it covered.

Safe and Secure

Enterprise-level technology and limited access mean people only see the data meant for them.

Support From Real People

Most of the time, you probably won’t need our help, but when you do, we have people on our team dedicated to your success.  

Ministry Connect

Technology that networks all your subsidiaries together.

We're here to help so you can do more ministry.

Tilma Support
You've got this. But when you need it, we will be here.
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Guidance & support in onboarding
We can help you get setup and equip your team to start with Tilma.
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Accept payments for anything from event registrations to t-shirt sales.
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