Version 1.7.0

Platform Updates

  • Admins will receive a warning when they attempt to login using Internet Explorer or Firefox, which is no longer supported. This will not affect users who are viewing content on your website.
  • The form builder’s sidebar is now sticky, keeping it stationary as you scroll up or down in a long form.
  • A single form can now support multiple “Name” fields to represent unique people.
  • New admins will now receive basic admin permissions by default.
  • Admin permissions for “locations” are added to all admin accounts by default.
  • Birthdate is now required for all new members who self-sign-up.
  • New members will need to be at least 13 years old to comply with privacy laws in some jurisdictions. This will not affect existing member profiles or child information associated with a parent account.
  • Location fields, such as State and Zip Code, have been modified to accommodate locations in the USA.

Parish Updates

  • Welcome messages on the parish dashboard will either say “diocese” or “archdiocese” depending on where the parish is located.
  • The contact page’s map zoom controls have been restored and the default zoom level will now accommodate multiple locations.
  • Now you can choose the focal point of images on the homepage’s collage layout.
  • Longer taglines will shrink (autofit) to fit the allotted space on the homepage.

News Updates

  • Rolling out Page Caching, which will significantly improve page load times by pre-loading pages onto a user’s device.
  • A “purge cache” button can be used if a newly published article is not automatically appearing on the homepage or if revisions to an article are not updating.