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Finally, unify your Diocese and Parishes without having to compromise.

Integrated tools and resources to help your pastors and leaders foster deeper relationships, reduce administrative burden, and disciple more effectively.
Reach Your People

Unlock direct to parishioner communication channels through your Parishes.

Honor parish subsidiarity while enabling cross-parish collaboration.

Be the hero. Give your parishes modern communication channels, tools, and tactics.

Distribute messaging, campaigns, and resources across parishes & schools.

Diocesan Distribution System
A revolutionary way to connect every Parish in your Diocese quickly and easily.

Utilize the powerful connection features in Tilma through a shared space that lives on your parishes' existing website.

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Diocesan Content Feeds
Share things anywhere... or everywhere.

Push diocesan content feeds directly to any parishes on Tilma. Experience what it finally means to have a truly unified network of communication channels.

Diocesan Events
Bishop's Feed
Diocesan Announcements
Diocesan Campaigns
Career Listings
Custom Feeds

"Tilma allows our diocese to support and communicate with every parish on the platform quickly and easily. Finally, our parishes are truly networked."

Dave Plisky - Diocese of Brooklyn & Queens
Easy Integration
Implement on any parish website platform.

No matter what tool a parish has built their existing site on, easily augment it with Tilma. (such as eCatholic, Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress)

True Subsidiarity
Honor subsidiarity through our powerful opt-in & opt-out technology.

Enable priests, ministry leaders, and website administrators to opt-in or opt-out of any feed, allowing flexible display of parish and diocesan content as desired.

Ministry Resources Hub
Turn your existing parish websites into a ministry presence.

With a simple click, add a magnitude of high quality ministry resources to your Tilma parishes, making it easy for parishioners to engage with valuable content.

Articles, Podcasts & Videos
Diverse Topics
Reputable Ministries
Beautifully Designed
Events & Workshops
Discipleship & Evangelization Resources
Parish Resource Center
Experience the leap of Agency rated assets in every Parish.

Access beautifully designed assets like print materials, email templates, website resources, and social posts to help grow your digital accompaniment efforts.

Intentional Parishioner Journeys
Designed for engagement. Made for ministry.

Deploy impactful user journeys designed to move parishioners in both the digital and physical space.

Increase Generosity
Promote Kerygmatic Programs
Grow Attendance
Develop Healthy Families

In all my reviewing of competing platforms, Tilma is the most compelling to me... This is because the content of other typical platforms is narrow, while Tilma's content is broader, while still aligning with the broader set of viewpoints the Catholic Church offers for complex issues.

Michael Martz - Diocese of Columbus
Pre-packaged Assets
Don't know Photoshop? No problem.

Every journey comes with pre-packaged digital assets like print materials, email templates, landing pages and more.

Step-by-step Guides
Ready-to-use for immediate impact.

Don't get lost in the execution. Help administrators execute confidently and consistently with our easy step-by-step guides.

Customizable & Personalizable
Make it your own.

All journeys and assets are fully customizable. Start from a great foundation and modify the critical components unique to your situation.

People Directory
A big family doesn't have to be messy.

Organize and structure your data management with real-time insights, keeping everything connected and easily accessible.

People Centered
Built for relationships, not just data.

Store data in a way that makes sense for the church. Group your people within households, save and update sacramental records, and more.

Connect Households
Sacramental Records
Event Attendance
Giving Records
Forms and Surveys Templates
Collect the right information.

Utilize our pre-built form templates and surveys to help gather the right information for more impactful ministry.

Data Search
Who had that three-legged dog again?

Easily search records based on the most normal (or outrageous) queries and fields – it's that good. Create presets and easily associate them with an email blast.

API Access
Integrate anywhere, anytime.

Use our API to connect with 3rd party tools or build integrations with Zapier. Effortlessly sync data with diocesan or parish tools.

Fully Integrated Parish Suite
Parishes can scale from the starter package to the full ministry communications suite at anytime.

As your parishes' needs and impact grow, they can scale their solutions to unlock powerful permission-based features, multi-page access, event management and more.

Provide purpose-built templates or we’ll help you shape your own.

Beautifully designed templates from the Tilma team to help your parishes launch their Tilma website quickly and easily.

Sacrament Pages
Giving Page
Ministry Pages
Mass-times Page
Catholic-based Site Architecture
Unlimited Items
Remove your limits, and grow your impact.

Unlimited page creation, file uploads, people records, and admin accounts. No usage fees allows you to grow your community without any constraints.

Parish Sales Support
No parish left behind.

Our team provides sales support and demos to ensure smooth integration. Introduce us to your parish teams, and we’ll guide them through the process.

Ministry Content Libraries
Save countless hours searching for the right resource.

Browse a robust library of resources created by trusted ministry partners and easily share them across the network.

Trusted Partners & Creators
Devoted to building the Kingdom.

All our partners and creators are guided by the desire to help form and evangelize those around us.

Intentionally Tagged & Categorized
Find what you're searching for.

Browse our resources easily with advanced filtering. We focus on delivering the right content to the right audience, enhancing engagement and impact.

Diverse Content Types
Articles, videos, podcasts, and more.

Our content libraries are filled with articles, videos, podcasts, courses, and more.

Events Management
Showcase and grow the vibrancy and community in your diocese.

Create, promote, and distribute events across your Diocesan network. Accept registrations and collect payments all while growing your parishioner database.

Event Feeds
Grow your reach, and push events across your network.

Push event feeds to parishes and ministries while honoring subsidiarity through our opt-in and opt-out technology.

Push Events to Parishes
Pull Events from Parishes
Cross-Parish Promotion
Feature Events
Recurring Events
Built for complexity, and designed for simplicity.

Easily manage and maintain complex recurring events like adoration, alpha, and ministry programs.

Event Registration & Payments
Unify your payments and data collection.

Never reconcile multiple payment gateways, registration forms, and event tools ever again. Offer every subsidiary a turn-key events management system.

Formation Package
Every library needs a librarian.

Behold curates, packages, and distributes formation resources to nurture and form your people. Save time and effort with content delivered through parishes or a centralized diocesan site.

Content Curation
Curation informed by collaboration.

Behold's efforts are regularly informed by quarterly Diocesan feedback and ministry reviews. Set ministry goals, and let Behold help you achieve your formation efforts.

The Tilma platform has been a game changer for us. It has enabled our parishes to deliver great content to parishioners without having to spend endless energy pursuing content and mechanisms to make it happen.

Makani Marquis - Archdiocese of Vancouver
Crafted to Meet Felt Needs
Help parishioners feel known with stories of shared experience.

Communications to both relevantly and deeply connected to the current moment.

Parish Branded
White-label ministry resources within a parish context.

Deliver ministry resources directly to parishioners through the voice of their parish.

Coming Soon
Reporting & Analysis
Coming Soon
Turn complex data into meaningful insights.

Operate within one tool and craft advanced custom reports that help inform ministry and operational decisions.

Integrated Data & Reports
Your data doesn't need a junk drawer.

True data aggregation across your diocese and parishes allows you to search your data in one place and find what you need when you need it – all within the Tilma platform.

Giving Reports
Demographic Reports
Engagement Reports
Interest Reports
Custom Field Based Reports
Diocesan Digital Ecosystem
Deliver a unified digital experience your diocese can be proud of.

Tilma brings together parishes, ministries, and schools under a single, unified digital infrastructure, promoting seamless communication and collaboration across the entire diocese.

Single sign-on
Streamline team access with a master key.

Allow everyone to access properties across the diocese with a single account and give administrators one-click access to specific properties.

Ecosystem-wide Search
Search anything and everything.

Find content and events from sites across your entire diocesan network on any site in your network.

Diocesan Menu
Never leave a parishioner stranded.

Connect your parish and ministry websites to the life of the church and create equilibrium across your web properties.

Private Beta
Evangelization Package
Private Beta
Inspire and move your diocese to be on mission.

Training, tools, and resources to help your diocese boldly share and live out their faith.

Evangelization Support for Parishes

In a time where our Church needs hope more than ever, God is stirring disciples to come join together. Proclaim is a place to support pastors and parish leaders as they lead disciples to step deeper into their missional calling.

We are here to support you as you accompany parishes every step of the way, and help you as you awake your parishioners to proclaim the gospel.

Parish Transformation Framework & Self Assessment
Discipleship Identification Tool
Ministry Partnerships & Programs
Missional Consultation
Coming Soon
Parish Database
Coming Soon
Easier to find, quicker to minister.

Unify your parish data and customize your data fields to a way that makes sense for your workflow.

Holistic Data Collection
Access new data inputs for greater insight.

Create beautifully designed parishioner touch points and automate your data collection workflows at scale. Never be limited to manual data entry again.

Family members
Custom fields
Advanced Custom Data
Design it your way.

Setup advanced custom fields for your parishioner data to store information that matters most to you and your community.

Custom Views of Records
Custom Role-Based Views
Custom Parishioner Statuses & Roles
Advanced Custom Field Management
Self-Serve Parishioner Portal
Credit card info over the phone? Never again.

Allow parishioners to easily grow their recurring gifts at any time, and update billing information.

Household Management
Build household based reports and workflows.

Associate every person to a household, allowing easier reporting, issuing of tax receipts, and more.

Gift Management
Turn 2 hours of effort into 20 minutes.

Easily automate a majority of your giving transactions, while optimizing those pesky manual ones.

Accompany Your People

Democratize great ministry resources across your Parishes.

Help your teams reach Diocesan and Parish ministry objectives.

Access inspiring ministry content rooted in orthodoxy and excellence.

Accelerate parish transformation through Tilma's ministry network.

Know Your People

Finally meet parishioners where they're at.

Collect holistic data through our people-centered tools to see the whole person.

Utilize real-time data to make ministry decisions with confidence.

Simplify your user management workflows with truly integrated data.

Learn how Tilma can bring greater transformation to your diocese.

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Unified Infrastructure

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Digital Ministry Tools

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Innovative Accompaniment

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See what it could look like to bring Tilma to your diocese.
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Who We've Worked With

Our team has had the honor of proudly partnering with leading dioceses to enhance their ministry efforts. These collaborations leverage our tools and resources to amplify their mission and engage parishioners.
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How do we shape our culture and get our team to live out our values?
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