Discover customized digital solutions to transform the digital experience of your parish.
Website implementation packages
Quick Flip
Efficient Content Migration

Migrate your existing website content seamlessly to a new Tilma site with our Quick Flip package, designed for parishes seeking a quick and straightforward transition. After you've launched you can keep the site as is or your team can continue to customize your site as your needs grow. We're always here to help.

Homepage Makeover
Customized Parish Identity

Elevate your online presence with a custom homepage that showcases your parish's unique identity. Our team collaborates with you to highlight priorities and create a compelling digital front door.

Includes Quick Flip

Site Build
Comprehensive Digital Foundation

Experience a transformative upgrade for your parish website with our Site Build package. This service blends the ease of content migration with the creation of a customized homepage that resonates with your parish's unique identity. Additionally, we shape your site's architecture for a clear and intuitive flow, reflecting your specific communication needs. While we lay the foundational structure, your team has the freedom to populate the site with content that engages and inspires your community.

Custom Design
Call for Estimate
Tailored Digital Experience

Experience a fully customized website, tailored to your parish's unique vision and mission. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from discovery to final design and build, ensuring a crafted online identity.

Multi-campus Configuration
Unified Digital Presence

Ideal for parishes with a Church and school combination or with multiple Church locations, this package provides a cohesive digital structure that represents the entire parish while giving each Church or school entity its own distinct digital presence. This approach ensures effective communication across all entities, fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness within the broader parish family.

Strategy Sprint
Transformational Strategic Plan

A five-day intensive workshop with Glass Canvas experts. We start with discerning the spiritual identity of your parish, to help you form a strong and clear parish  vision, values. and mission. We blend your parish insights with our strategic expertise to create a unified mission-driven plan. You'll gain a clear voice and effective strategies, concluding with actionable guidelines for impactful parish growth. Embrace this opportunity for focused, mission-aligned transformation.