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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACH / EFT?

ACH (United States) or EFT (Canada) is when money is transferred from one back account to another electronically. Many parishes simply refer to this as "direct withdraw" or "pre-authorized payment"

How much does it cost?

Most organizations can expect about $1/transaction + 1%. We offer discounts for parishes in the Archdiocese of Vancouver and the Diocese of Columbus.

What other fees are there?

$0.50 - $0.75 for each batched deposit into your bank. $2 -$10 NSF fees. $10 for failed or returned payments.

Are there minimum requirements?

We bill a monthly minimum of $15/month in processing fees. If you have more than 15 donors, you will not pay any monthly fees.

Can I use this for non-donation transactions such as registration?

Yes. Use our forms tool to create registration forms that collect payments using EFT, ACH, or Credit Card.

Can you migrate my existing recurring donors?

Yes. Our team can migrate your monthly EFT / ACH donors from your existing bank. The process is seamless and requires no work from your donors.

Do you provide e-Transfer (Canada)?

Yes. We can set-up your email so when funds are sent via e-Transfer, they automatically deposit into your account. This allows you to report on all of your gifts in Tilma without needing to manually enter the e-transfer gifts. Processing fees are $2.50 CAD / transaction.

How does reporting work?

Transactions are automatically recorded in the transactions index. You can view an individual donor's giving history, or export a CSV file of donation history.

What about tax receipting?

Tilma will automatically issue tax receipts to your donors. This functionality will be ready for the 2022 tax year.

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