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Unlimited Email

Don't be held back as your organization or audience grows. Unlimited email with no extra cost.

Build Your Own Email Lists

Create lists based on any collection of attributes—from number of kids in a family to someone's coffee order.

Speak To The Right Audience

Different ministries can build and send emails to their specific audience.

Start easily.

Pre-Built Emails

Use any of our crafted, pre-built emails, editing to your needs or sending as is.

Duplicate Emails

Want to save a really awesome email that you built? Duplicate it, edit, and use again.

Send the right message.

Giving Emails

Inspire giving with a message that inspires generosity whether for campaigns, Special Giving, or regular donations.

Event Promotion Emails

Keep your emails focused to help get parishioners excited, registered, and ready to attend your event.

Welcome Email for New Subscribers

Add personal touches to someones' first experience with you that re-emphasizes they are valued and seen.

Create your email in minutes.

Live Editor

Design and edit in real time to make great-looking emails.

Personalized Content Spots

Pull in content that specifically resonates with an individual or email list.

Full Content Library

Tilma's library has new and relevant Catholic content, giving you the option to pull in events, homilies, and more from neighbouring parishes, your diocese, or Tilma's original resources.

Manage it hands-off.

Schedule Email

Build, test, schedule, and then take a step back knowing your email will be sent at the most optimal time.

Sign-Up Forms

Manage registration using simple forms that are easy to view, edit, and utilize for follow-up emails.

Automated Drip Campaigns

(Coming Soon) Build out your campaign and press send! The tool will handle it from there.

See how your emails perform.

Open & Click Statistics

See who is reading and clicking on your emails to know what articles and events are interesting to your audience.


Get more in-depth insight from your people on things like their questions about faith or what they thought of an event.

Unlock your ministry potential.

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