Apostolic Mode Index

A framework for resilient disciples in a post-Christendom age

An in-house designed framework, built with ministry experts from across North America, that allows us to measure discipleship formation in individuals and organizations, and identify where to prioritize ministry efforts.

What Does it Provide?

  • Know where to prioritize ministry efforts
  • Be equipped to accompany people in their unique stage of faith
  • Help individuals identify areas to focus on in their discipleship journey

What is Apostolic Mode Index?

An evolving index based around the framework of "Relationship, Identity, Mission" (RIM) is a tool designed to measure discipleship formation in individuals and organizations. This index takes into account three essential components of discipleship formation: Relationship, Identity, and Mission.

  • Relationship refers to the quality and depth of one's relationship with God, with others, and with oneself. This includes factors such as spiritual practices, community involvement, and emotional and relational health.
  • Identity relates to one's understanding of their identity in Christ and how it informs their worldview and actions. This includes factors such as theological beliefs, character development, and personal values.
  • Mission refers to one's sense of purpose and calling in life, as well as their ability to live out that purpose in the world. This includes factors such as evangelism, social justice, and leadership development.

Within this broader RIM framework, we have created a classification structure that allows individuals, content, events, and ministry opportunities to be profiled and matched together. This allows the right opportunities to be presented to the right individuals.

Why Apostolic Mode Index?

Designed to allow for ongoing assessment and improvement, and built to meet the needs of the Church in a post-Christendom world.

By measuring these three components, the index can help individuals and organizations identify areas of strength and weakness in their discipleship formation and prioritize ministry efforts accordingly. It provides a comprehensive framework for measuring growth and progress in one's faith journey, promoting greater self-awareness and accountability. Ultimately, this tool can help individuals and organizations become more effective in fulfilling their mission to make disciples of all nations.

The AMI is made up of key areas of the life of a disciple.

  • Vocation - (Do we include an explanation or layout topics underneath this??)
  • Mission
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Community
  • Small Group

In a post-Christendom world, people are looking to the Church to help them build a framework for their life with Jesus.

(Value) Know where to put ministry efforts

  • Diagram / testimony

(Validation) Built in Collaboration With…

  • Life restoration
  • Prime Matters / UMary
  • Maybe a quote??

(Why) Why do we need resilient Christians?

The world we grew up in is not the same as it once was. Studies from Barna and Gallup show that for the first time ever, less than 50% of Americans have church membership. The primary reason? People having no religious association at all.

Much of this is because of the slow dissolving of Christendom as the foundation of our culture. People no longer grow up having an inherent understanding of who God is and how that impacts their world.

Apostolic mode is one where we cannot rely on culture to be the framework of our lives. We must set apart, creating structures within our lives that can help keep us on our path to holiness. Like the early apostles, we must live counter to culture.

(VIsion) Every Christian irresistibly embodying the gospel

At Tilma, our vision is to see every Christian irresistibly embodying the Gospel with resilience. We built an infrastructure to help the Church reach and form its people in this apostolic mode.

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