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Parish Fall Kick-Off With COVID Restrictions

Colleen Little
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After months of being at home, parish life is slowly shifting back to in-person. How are you prepping for a September in-person? 

Before we all jump head first into a jam-packed social calendar all over again, it might be good to take a step back and think about a few things. How can we make the most of this moment? How can we make it really meaningful? 

  1. What are things God taught us this past year? How are we bringing them into this new season of life?
  2. How can we serve people’s hearts and minds after such an exhausting year? 
  3. What does our community need right now mentally, spiritually, and physically?
  4. How are our ministries speaking to those specific needs? 
  5. Does anything we normally do need to be cancelled or shifted to meet our people’s needs? 
  6. Are there ministries we need to create in order to meet people’s needs? 

As you take inventory of the community and their needs, we hope some of these ideas will help create guardrails for a fall that is meaningful for everyone.

One of the biggest things to think about is the mental state and interior lives of your parishioners. We’re all a little exhausted from a global pandemic which makes content, events, or opportunities for people to process and ease back into social demands even more impactful right now. 

Keeping events hybrid is also another way to help ease back in. While most of us are desperate to get off Zoom, living in a digital age is inevitable and what many people are now comfortable with when it comes to socializing. It also may be a better option for those who may have enjoyed tuning in from their couch and not having to hire a babysitter.  As we step into fall with still so many unknowns and changing restrictions, offering both online and in-person options is a great way to make people feel seen. 

It’s also good to pace ourselves. Everyone's a little people-deprived and excited to get back, but that also means the summer might have left us a little socially burnt out. Try offering smaller groups or less-demanding opportunities to make sure there is something for everyone.

This may require some shifts in your regular ministry or meeting structure in order to be thoughtful to this cultural moment. Which sounds a little intimidating, right? It’s hard to make changes even when you know it is for the best. Remember that it often requires just reframing some of the ministry work already happening in your parish rather than cutting or adding new work. 

For those that are looking for more ideas, here are three ministry ideas that might help inspire you.

Three Ministry Ideas To Inspire You

Healing Our Minds From A Global Pandemic: Ask a local counsellor or priest to speak on the mental battle that comes with being isolated from loved ones, months of fearing the unknown, and transitioning back into regular rhythms. 

Small Group Study Launch: How much more do we value genuine connection with others than right now? The best way to start building deeper into our relationships is exploring God together in small, tight-knit communities where we can build meaningful connections.

Host Alphas: Many in your parish will be ready to have people back in their home and help create opportunities to talk about the big questions of life (especially after 2020). Alpha is a great way for parishioners to be on mission right in their own homes without needing a lot of training or tools. 

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